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    The metaphysics of Origin. Greek Logos!
    It all started with Plato you said.
    Thereby committing blasphemy.
    By throwing overboard
    The entire western philosophical tradition
    You committed a sacrilege.
    You made the academia sit up
    With your scathing attack on Eurocentric Thought.
    It was not by accident that
    You delivered the knock out punch in Algiers.
    Vietnam was fighting
    US hegemony.
    Mao had given a clarion cal for a cultural revolution.
    Blacks were up in arms.
    Women had started challenging male stereotypes.
    Students were in revolt in Sorbonne and Nanterre.
    And in Berkeley.
    Che Guevara had set the entire continent on fire
    With armed guerrilla struggle.
    It was at this conjuncture that you delivered
    The coup de grace.
    Your no-holds-barred assault on
    Rousseau, Levi Strauss, and Sasuarre
    Had the intellectual world in turmoil.
    Structure, Sign, and Play
    In the Discourse in Human Sciences
    Was a watershed moment in History.
    It unravelled the entire gamut of
    Your Intellectual propensities.
    It challenged the logocentric assumptions,
    The phallocentric implications,
    And the ethnocentric underpinnings
    Of European Thought.
    Metaphysics as it was then known
    Had to beat a retreat.
    It was a path breaking demolition act.
    You gave voice to the millions of
    Down-trodden, suppressed masses.
    He articulated their aspirations.
    He assaulted the European edifice with
    Single-mined ferocity.
    All couched in an esoteric Aesopian style.
    He pleaded for sensing meaning
    In crevices, gaps, traces.
    You wrote from the margins
    Of continental thought.
    It was a veritable storm
    That blew the Eurocentric Metaphysics away.


GanapathSubrahmanian - GanapathSubrahmanian was born on March 10, 1949. Passionate about literature, music and friendship. Educated at Thyagaraja College, Madurai. He worked at Alagappa Govt. Arts College.
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