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    Politics is an affair from which man has no escape. The so-called non-political or apolitical creatures all are really dwelling in the safe shelters of exploitative forces that are doomed to periodical annihilation. History has clearly proved that exploited people eliminate the exploiters, but in due course of time they are again restored to their former strength. So, exploiters need certain stock theories and the theory of apoliticalism is one such theory. Therefore, we repudiate the theory of any absence of politics from ant walk of human life.

    Two important political developments take place while we pen down these words. One is in Syria, and the other in India. In Syria, what we is a paradox of combinations in international politics. The Al-Qaida is well at ease in the company of US aggressors in attempting the facilitation of the ouster of the Assad regime from that country. Here a number of lessons are at hand if people of the various countries are ready to learn them. The most important lesson is that neither the imperialists nor the terrorists have any qualm of conscience in coming together in order to destroy even the slightest remain of progressive politics. Both are together in combating communism; they can join hands to disturb any govt that tries to implement some measures to ameliorate the conditions of the people and try to combat imperialism and terrorism.

    Syria is a great nation. With the destruction of Syria a great nation with great traditions will come to an end. It is the successor to the great Hittite, Mesopotamian and Assyrian traditions. These traditions include civilizing tendencies as also tendencies warmongering. It was in Syria that the first ever Church of Christianity was founded, at Antioch, possibly in 42 AD. Damascus in Syria was once headquarters of the Islamic civilization. The Phoenicians had been generous in providing the land with their loots and burgled wealth, their land being an extension of the geographical puzzle of the nature.

    Let us hope the internecine war in Syria will come to an end very soon. It has already had great loss in human lives. Besides this, great wealth, which otherwise could have been used for people’s welfare has been burnt in bombs and shells. Sure, a share of this wealth would have been manipulated by the ruling class to their invisible coffers. Still, war is destruction. Sound public opinion the world over might add a little wisdom in the minds of the warring factions.

    By May 2014 India will elect a new Govt. We are not going to predict the results of the election, let psephologists do it. But the election to take place in May 2014 has begun to influence the acts of political parties and politicians of the country. The ruling UPA has been almost torn fully apart and its constituents are no longer in the set-up. Instead, it manages to manage on the floor of the Loksabha with the help of two warring factions of Uttar Pradesh, SP and BSP, which are not the constituents of the UPA.

    Now it is the turn of the NDA. The major party in the NDA, BJP, has begun to splinter in to those who favour Narendra Modi and those who do not. 9th of June 2013 saw the BJP Executive Committee crowning Narendra Modi as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Board of the Party in contrast to the desires of the octogenarian Hindutwa stalwart L. K. Adwani. The founding father of the Hindutwa party is not ready to remain idle; he has tendered his resignation from all important positions he held in the party. Thus the monolithic edifice of the Hindutwa party is no longer as monolithic as we are given to understand. Experiences must have taught Adwaniji a lesson not to go too far in the name of religion. Wisdom is not a very rare thing even in the camp of the communalists.

    We do not predict anything in the context of what happens in various political conglomerations in the country. WE have one appeal: while exercising the franchise, please remember our nation and our people and our hallowed constitution. Our sovereignty has been brought in a very dangerous zone. In the periphery, our political sovereignty is intact. But is it a true sight? Not at all. Economically, our sovereignty is too slender to remain stable. There is also a very great cultural infiltration taking place towards our country and people. So, the constitutional guarantees of sovereignty, democracy, socialism and secularism are in peril. It is upto the left, democratic, progressive forces to respond to the call of the nation to safeguard its constitution. Safeguarding of the constitution is really safeguarding of the country.

    Let us wait and see what transpires.

    C. P. Aboobacker,
    Chief Editor.

C P Aboobaker - C.P. ABOOBACKER, editor of thanalonline, belongs to Calicut in Kerala. His interests include writing, publishing poems, essays, and many more literary things. Latest writing is about Channels and Globalizations. He is a retired professor of history.

    e-mail: cpaboobacker@gmail.com
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