Another Take on Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Christina Pacosz

    Assistance forever
    and ever amen
    we'd mutter kneeling
    at your clay feet
    the flicker of candles
    blinding us to every-
    thing but your love
    in perpetual motion

    Dust devil
    dry leaf skittering
    across the street


Christina Pacosz - Christina Pacosz has been writing and publishing prose and poetry for nearly half a century and has several books of poetry. Born and raised in Detroit, she has lived on both U.S. coasts, New York City, Alaska and southern Appalachia. For the past ten years she has been teaching urban Kansas City youth both sides of the state line; she and her husband of twenty years call Kansas City home. Christina Pacosz  in this issue... Tags: Thanal Online, web magazine dedicated for poetry and literature Christina Pacosz, Another Take on Our Lady of Perpetual Help
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