Spring and Living

Fide Erken

    A wedding ceremony of trees
    Behind the wall
    Whiteness calls for joy and happiness
    But the wedding takes a short time
    Trees take off their dresses
    And bare walls return
    Old, gray and sombre
    Spring resembles the bright days of life
    Before the bare walls of gloom come


Fide Erken - Fide Erken is a Turkish poet, born in 1967 in Bursa, where she lives and works as an English teacher. She has a degree from Uludag University in English, and writes in both English and Turkish. Writing poetry is "a big and a beautiful part of my life, through which I try to send love from my heart to all the world's people." Her poems, inspired by nature, have been published on many Internet sites and in magazines. She maintains her own site as well. Fide is married and has two daughters. Tags: Thanal Online, web magazine dedicated for poetry and literature Fide Erken, Spring and Living
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