Reena Prasad

    Wish I could sit here till forever comes
    with the breeze blowing yearnings astray
    The sun sauntering among the snowy wisps
    and the crows abandonedly cawing away.
    till the green grass turns a darker green
    till the tree turns to shade the other way
    till dusk creeps in, taking away the warm hug
    of yet another spring caressed, summer day.
    The silence cascades over my thirsty soul
    splashing tiny purple blooms amidst the greenish-grey
    So much to breathe in, to stow away for nights
    like leaves trying to capture the whistling wind
    An empty bench where absence reigns
    The distant laps of waves at the rocky bay
    Rustles of fallen leaves, a sigh of spring
    or just bliss filling an empty tray.


Reena Prasad - Reena Prasad is a poet from India, now based in Sharjah. She has several poems published in English anthology collections (Change, Indus Valley, Love in Verses, Musings—a Mosaic, eight anthologies by Barry Mowles and Friends and 8 of Brian Wrixon’s anthologies, also in online journals: Carty’s Poetry Journal, Indian Ruminations, Indian Review and in online magazines such as Youth Ki Awaaz. Angle Journal carries 2 of her poems in the Spring/summer issue. She has 3 poems in REVISTA CUIB-NEST-NIDO ANV-NR.15 MARTIE 2013. Her poems have found place among the winning entries in contests by Writer's Cafe, Ekphrasis India, Poets Corner and Xpresspublications. She writes at at her poetry blog, Butterflies of Time Reena Prasad  in this issue... Tags: Thanal Online, web magazine dedicated for poetry and literature Reena Prasad, Seasons
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