Sunil Sharma

    A tiny insect
    Hovers tentatively
    Over the bright green
    Foliage and
    Scarlet/orange-red flowers
    Of the two Gulmohars,
    This humid morning,
    Creating a vivid canvas live;
    The Flamboyant tree imported
    From the great and varied Madagascar,
    Well-adapted and in bloom,
    Despite smog and hot weather,
    Multi-hued, slender, full of shade:
    A visual delight in Mumbai and elsewhere,
    Brightening up the dull noisy streets,
    The insect buzzing around and
    Searching for that elusive nectar---
    Sorely missing in urban life.


Sunil Sharma - Sunil Sharma is India-born story-teller, poet, critic, freelance journalist, literary editor, reviewer, interviewer and essayist. He is a college teacher. His debut novel, The Minotaur, is inching towards critical acclaim, and, short fiction and poetry are featured in many prestigious international and national print and online journals. He also edits NFJ (New Fiction Journal) and is on the board of many literary journals.
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